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Search Events

Our new search facility is, we believe, far better than before.  But it is different so we have written this guide to help you get started.

Everything you need to know about events is under the EVENTS option on the main menu – that’s this first option next to the home icon.  An event is a gig, a show, a performance, a festival – any form of LIVE entertainment.

When you click on EVENTS a drop down list of options appears from where registered users can ADD or EDIT their own events or you can LIST ALL EVENTS or we have created “quick searches” for key cities/towns in the region.  (NOTE: The “FEATURED EVENTS” shortcut only displays our advertiser’s events.)

eventsearch1To refine this list, you can:

(1) select a specific date (DATE)  or,

(2) event/band name (SEARCH) or,

(3) location (LOCATION) these options are displayed horizontally across the events page on PCs.   The default search area is approximately 5 miles from a specified location.

You can further narrow your search by selecting a specific VENUE (4) or event CATEGORY (5)

The default view of events is a LIST (6), you can change this to a monthly or weekly CALENDAR view if you wish.  The search results will be returned automatically – there is no need to click FIND EVENTS.  If you choose to select another search remember to re-set any optional filter you may have used.


eventsearch2On mobile devices the same options are available by selecting EVENTS from the main menu (7) – the three horizontal lines and expanding the FIND EVENTS selection (8)