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Submit an Event

To use this facility you will need to be registered at

eventadd1If you have not yet registered click ‘Click here to REGISTER‘ on the right hand side. (Click here to see how to register)

If you are already registered you will need to ‘Click here to LOGIN’ also on the right hand side.

Select + Add YOUR Events (Registered Users) from the EVENTS dropdown menu.

Add the EVENT TITLE – the name of the band, production or event.  Try and keep this as short as possible.  If it is too long it will be truncated when it appears in our magazine listings.

Add the EVENT DESCRIPTION – here you can add more detail about the event.

Both of these elements are required.

DOCsubmit 1

You must add an EVENT CATEGORY from a set list.  This will help your event to be found more easily.  There are over 25 categories to chose from.

DOCsubmit 2

You may add an EVENT IMAGE.  The ideal image size is 660 pixels x 330 pixels and should be less than 500kB in size.  Large images make your event page load slowly so we have restricted the upload size.

DOCsubmit 3

Add the Event TIME AND DATE – you have the option to create an “All Day Event” but these are rare, most things have a start time!

Those of you who run theatrical events or festivals will be delighted to see that you can now enter a run by entering a START date and an END DATE.

Select the START DATE from the date box and set the TIME.

Select the END DATE from the date box and set the TIME.  If the end time is the same or before the start time it will be ignored.

Remember to set am (before noon) or pm (after noon)

Those two old favouries noon and midnight sometimes cause confusion, for the purposes of this system noon is 12pm and midnight is 12am

Leave the TIMEZONE set to LONDON.

Another new option is the RECURRENCE RULES.  If you have an Open Mic night every Tuesday, just enter the details of the next event and then set it to recur every week.  You can add up to three months of recurring events this way.

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Enter the VENUE DETAILS. By now most of the venues in the region are on our database so you can search and select by typing in part or all of the venue name.  You can chose to tick or not the boxes to include links to Google Maps.

If the Venue you want is not listed you can ADD A NEW VENUE from this screen – you will need the Name, Address, Postcode and Telephone number to complete a new venue.

DOCsubmit 5

Now we come to a change in the way we do things.  ORGANISERS have replaced “Performers” – no, we have nothing against performers, in most cases they are one and the same people.   The Terms are interchangeable.   Select a performer or organiser for this event from the drop down list.

DOCsubmit 6

If your event has it’s own Facebook Event page or website – you can add this here as the EVENT WEBSITE.

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Finally you can add the COST.


  • If you leave this field blank, no price will be displayed.
  • If your event is free enter the number zero “0” or the word “Free”.
  • If your event costs £12.75 enter 12.75
  • If your event has a range of prices enter the most expensive ticket price.
  • If you enter any alpha character the system will display FREE – if your prices for door and advance bookings differ or you have a “Pay what you can afford” event – enter these in the event description

DOCsubmit 8

Then all you need do is click on SUBMIT EVENT and you are done.  Your event is not published immediately – it will be checked by one of our events editors before being published.  This normally happens within 24 hours but can take longer at weekends.