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Register at GrapevineLIVE

By registering at GrapevineLIVE.co.uk you can add your own events, gigs or shows to the most comprehensive LIVE entertainments guide in East Anglia.

clicktoTo register click the ‘Click here to REGISTER’ on the right hand side above FEATURED EVENTS.

From there just fill in the ‘Sign Up’ form:

Username:   Create a username, this will be what you log on as.

E-mail: Add your email address

Re-type your email address: Just to be sure!

Password: Create a password.  It must be at least 7 characters long and should use a mixture of upper & lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

First Name: Add your first name.

Last name: Add your last name.

About / Bio: Tell us about yourself, the events you promot, the organisation you represent.

Website: If you are a band, promoter, venue then add your website here.

Text in Front: Add the test you see.

Click on REGISTER.

NOTE:  Registrations are approved manually by one of the GrapevineLIVE team.  It may take up to 24 hours to approve a registration.  Accounts registered at a weekend will take longer to approve as we do not normally man the office at the weekends.

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