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I Can’t Stand Still


I Can’t Stand Still is dedicated to the memory of Newmarket-based Jacen’s hero Elvis Presley. Elvis passed away on his 11th birthday, the 16th of August 1977 and The King has had a profound impact on Jacen’s life. When he was five years old he was given his parents’ record player and their Elvis records. He couldn’t stop playing the King Creole album and a few years later discovered The Sun Sessions. This was the start his love of Elvis’ music and his work has had a major influence on his own song writing.

There were two interviews in the 50s where Elvis Presley talks about rock’n’roll and how he can’t stand still and Jacen’s used these quotes in the song, meaning that the lyrics are, in effect, written by Elvis. His sentiment and the words were perfect for a brand new rock ‘n’ roll song and so he wrote the music to accompany them.

Tracks : I Can’t Stand Still/Hook, Line And Sinker/Young Man With The Big Beat/Shooting The Clouds/If It Hadn’t Been For Love/Old Peculier/About A Girl/Feline Scorn/Jumping From 6 To 6/Mother Of Lies/Sleazy Louise Blues

Musicians : Jacen Bruce with John Stannard, Craig Fillbrook, Tim Slater,David Hartley, Len Black, Kurt Replais, Adam Miles, Bill Martin,Donny Brown,Rich Young, Lana Bruce, Romy Gensale and Swervy World.

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