Adding Your Event Details

Thank you for using to list and promote your LIVE entertainment event.

Below is our ‘how to’ guide to what you need to add to get the most out of your LIVE entertainment listing.

By listing your LIVE entertainment event before our print deadline you are assured that you will be listed in next month’s Grapevine Magazine (click here to see deadline dates).

Once you are happy with the documentation you can access the data entry form here.

EVENT TITLE (required): Keep the Event Title as short as possible. Typically this will be the band name, performer or show name. Please do not include 'Live at', the promoter's name or the venue name in the Event Title.
EVENT DESCRIPTION (required): The Event Description is where you place your event's marketing material. You can use rich text and add links. You can put as much as you want in this section however - this only appears online, not in print.
EVENT TIME & DATE (required): Select the date from the calendar drop down or type it in. Add the start time in 24hr format (if you are unsure of the finish time, make it the same as the start time). If you do not know either time tick the 'All Day Event' box. For a theatre run you should create an event series - click 'Schedule Multiple Events' and add the event recurrences.
EVENT IMAGE (optional): You can add an image, landscape images work best and they should be smaller than 300kb.
EVENT CATEGORY (required): Select one event category from the drop down list. We only list LIVE entertainment so there are not categories for exhibitions or film.
EVENT TAGS (optional but high;y recommended): Add tags to make your event more easily found by search engines. This is a free format field with each tag separated by a comma. Here you can enter the style of music for example: Ska, Reggae, Folk, Rock, Blues etc.
EVENT VENUE (required): Select the event venue from the drop down list - its a big list! If you start typing the name it will appear. In the unlikely event that your venue is not listed then include it in the EVENT DESCRIPTION and the website administrators will create the venue for you.
EVENT ORGANISER (optional): Events on are either organised by the performer, the venue or the promoter. Select whichever is appropriate.
EVENT WEBSITE (optional): If the event has a website of a facebook page cut and paste the full URL here.
EVENT COST (optional): Only enter a single number here, normally the most expensive ticket price. If there is a complex pricing structure, include that in the description. You do not need to enter the currency symbol - just 10 if the ticket price is £10 or 0 if it is free. Once you have completed the form press SUBMIT to add your event.