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Magazine Deadlines

The deadlines for advertising artwork and copy is shown below.

For your events to be included in Grapevine Magazine each month you will need to add them on-line by noon on the deadline dates.

Magazine IssueDeadline for events, advertising and copy is 12 noon on:
September 2018Fri 10th August 2018
October 2018Fri 7th September 2018
November 2018 (Christmas Show Special)Wed 10th October 2018
December 2018Fri 9th November 2018
January 2019Mon 3rd December 2018
February 2019Thu 10th January 2019
March 2019Fri 8th February 2019
April 2019Fri 8th March 2019
May 2019 (Festival Guide)Wed 10th April 2019
June 2019Fri 10th May 2019
July 2019Fri 7th June 2019
August 2019Wed 10th July 2019
September 2019Fri 9th August 2019
October 2019Mon 9th September 2019
November 2019 (Christmas Show Special)Fri 6th October 2019
December 2019Fri 8th November 2019
January 2020Mon 2nd December 2019
February 2020Fri 10th January 2020
March 2020Mon 10th February 2020
April 2020Tue 10th March 2020
May 2020 (Festival Guide)Fri 10th April 2020
June 2020Fri 8th May 2020

*  Events added after the deadline will still appear online but may not be included in Grapevine Magazine.  We distribute 17,000 copies of our magazine to over 500 venues across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk.  There is no charge to list your events but we are always happy to talk about advertising your events to make them stand out, see our advertising rates here.