13th Chime – 80’s Goth-punk Rockers Make a Rare Ipswich Appearance

by | Mar 28, 2024 | Music

Ipswich welcomes a rare appearance by 13th Chime, the East Anglian goth-punks who went on to make an international impact in the early 80s and frequently played with Ipswich’s influential punk act at the time The Adicts. They will be supporting a co-headlined gig at The Smokehouse, Ipswich, with local noise-malcontents Earth Mother F*cker.

13th Chime formed in 1980 in the small London over-spill town of Haverhill in Suffolk. Born out of the British punk scene: vocalist Mick Hand, guitarist Gary O’Connor and drummer Ricki Cook were previously in The Anticx while bass player Terry Taylor, played with the hard hitting three piece The Wynd-ups. The band released three independent singles: Coffin Maker, Cursed and Fire, and disbanded circa 1983.

After discovering these singles, Caleb Bertron of Sacred Bones Records made it his mission to track the band down and released whatever material they had, on his Brooklyn based record label. This sparked a renewed interest in the band, which inspired vocalist Mick Hand to form a new line-up that went on to tour Europe, the USA …and remarkably an evening in St Petersburg, Russia. 2023 saw 13th Chime back in the studio with a new rhythm section and playing a new series of shows in both the UK and abroad. This gig will be a warm-up show for their 2024 tour dates which includes a gig in Los Angeles, CA as part of the Dia De Los Muertos Festival.

They will be joined by Antigen Records artist Earth Mother F*cker. The work ‘seminal’ has been used as a stock cliché’ by rock journalists since the early 70s to describe many obscure but influential artists. However, never has that claim been more exaggerated than with Anglo-American noise rockers, Earth Mother F*cker. Active in Ipswich since 1988 without troubling the charts or achieving any degree of critical appreciation, Earth Mother F*cker failed even to profit from confusion arising between themselves and their younger, more attractive and much more popular namesakes. This headline gig is coming hot on the heels of their support slots at the Colchester Arts Centre and in advance of this year’s Antigen Records album release – Do Not Resuscitate.

James Domestic grew up in Essex, is a songwriter, musician, DJ, painter, poet and punk. He holds a doctorate from the University of Essex and toured internationally with The Domestics. He will be kicking-off the evening with a spoken word set taken from his published angst-ridden poetry books. His work has been described as “a unique collection of poetic ventures into the human condition with humour, anger and a canny use of language” Dick Lucas, Subhumans.

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