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Another fantastic show in the Regent’s musical month…

Many of you will know the 1980’s film Flashdance, but to summarise for those who don’t, the story is based around Alex Owens (Joanne Clifton of Strictly Come Dancing fame) who would love to dance professionally and train at the Shipley Dance Academy but is currently doing a welding apprenticeship and dances at night at a local club. A new manager is brought in to make cuts within the welding company, Nick Hurley (Ben Adams of A1), a tough job and he and Alex hit it off unbeknown to Alex that he is a ‘urleyHurley’. They become closer and the story unfolds but I’m not going to spoil it for you all.

This is just one part of it; the others play around the club where Alex works with Gloria (Hollie Ann Lowe), Kiki (Sia Dauda), Tess (Demmileigh Foster) and their friendship, the relationship between Tess and Jimmy (Colin Kiyani) who works as a comedian but also works at the club, a rival club called CC’s and Alex’s relationship with her dance teacher and friend, Hannah (Carol Ball).

There are many iconic songs including What a Feeling, Maniac, Gloria and I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll, and others written to tell the story, many sung by the three girls. The dancing is amazing; the show has retained the main dances from the film with the first half ending with the water scene. Joanne Clifton is obviously known for her dancing on Strictly, but here she shows her singing and acting skills too. The whole dancing ensemble fills the stage with some breath-taking moves.

The scenery changes from warehouse to club to apartments are so slick, especially considering the size of the stage at the Regent. The two staircases are moved around without detracting from the story at all.

My only slight niggle is that the sound could have been clearer and occasionally the story was hard to follows as the vocals were hard to hear. Overall though, the show is not to be missed so grab your tickets and join the audience as I did on my feet at the end clapping and dancing to the reprise of the songs.

Flashdance is at the Ipswich Regent until Saturday 28th April. For more information or to book visit