Adam Kay: This is Going to Hurt

Adam Kay: This is Going to Hurt
Ipswich Regent

Having read the hugely successful book of the same title in two days a few months ago, I was thrilled when my husband presented me with tickets to see the show as a Christmas present.

What to expect though? We had no idea how the book would transfer to a live show and were doubtful as to how many people were going to be in the vast Regent auditorium – would we be two of a handful of people? Absolutely not – a packed auditorium welcomed Adam Kay to the stage and were in for a hugely entertaining, albeit at times poignant, evening.

What a talented chap he is! Not only did he recount numerous diary entries from his years as a student doctor through each promotion, but interspersed these entries with the most hilarious songs, extremely ably accompanied by himself on the piano. The songs were all very well-known pop/rock hits with the words adapted to fit the medical industry. They came at such a fast pace, it’s difficult to recall them – Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” must be mentioned as the audience participation in this was highly amusing (especially on the rare occasion the Ipswich audience didn’t manage to get the correct answer!). I’ve no idea if Adam Kay wrote the lyrics to each song or whether somebody did it for him – whoever wrote them must be applauded; very clever!

The end of the evening brought a slight rant from Adam as to why he decided to finish his medical career; indeed his book concludes with an Open Letter to the Secretary of State for Health. Whatever your political persuasion, it was hard not to be moved by Adam’s words and to completely understand his point of view. Let’s hope those people who profess to be “in charge” of the medical industry get to see this show, or indeed read the book, before anymore extremely capable medical professionals decide to quit our precious NHS.