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Who doesn’t know the iconic kooky clan that is The Addams Family? They are characters that have spanned generations and many reincarnations, and are beloved by many; but now they’ve been turned into a hit musical.

The story centres around Wednesday Addams, the eldest of Gomez and Morticia’s two children, as she hits her late teens and falls in love. Though the guy who has stolen her heart, Lucas Beineke, is from a respectable family on the opposite side of the tracks. And the question is, can the two young lovers bring their families together for “one normal night” and convince their parents that they are right for each other. With secrets being kept and dark chaos ensuing, the task at hand isn’t made easy. 

Amidst the dark themes that pairs naturally with the Addams, this show is packed with heart, gusto and belly laughs throughout. At times, I felt act one could have been sped up a bit and act two felt a little drawn out, but that’s not to say I lost interest. I just felt it could be a little tighter in parts. However, rest assured there are plenty of sights to marvel at, with an impressive set and dazzling costumes, and stacks of sweet sounds to hear with this catchy clever score and troupe of incredible talents on the stage. 

With each character being so unique and brilliant in their own right, it’s difficult to draw highlights from the cast; but each respective couple were paired perfectly. Joanne Clifton brought the ideal sexy sharpness that’s needed for Morticia (and getting to see her dance the tango felt a bonus!), while Cameron Blakey balanced it beautifully with the mischievous and sensual Gomez. Kara Lane and Sean Kingsley as Alice and Mal Beinkene respectively also brought some equally sharp and humorous moments, and their characters take quite the journey in one evening. Kara Lane’s vocals in her solo in particular really left me wowed. 

A star was born with Kingsley Morton, who packed an almighty punch as Wednesday and had an impressive set of pipes to belt through the meaty score. But ultimately, it was Scott Paige as Uncle Fester who captured hearts the most. He never missed a beat and had the audience’s sides splitting with laughter in every scene. Though the entire cast is one of the strongest I’ve seen in a while. 

The score, penned by Andrew Lippa, is really fun and comedic. Highlight numbers for me include “Pulled”, “One Normal Night” and “Full Disclosure” — and of course the iconic theme, which gave everyone much delight! 

I think this show is painfully underrated, as it was definitely the most I’ve laughed at a show in a long time, the humour and wit was razor sharp. They’re creepy and they’re kooky, but hard not to fall in love with. Round up the family, and head over to Norwich Theatre Royal between now and Saturday for what is guaranteed to be an incredibly fun evening out.

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