Alabama 3 at The Apex

by | Jul 3, 2024 | Music

First things first – they are not from Alabama and there are more than three of them.

Best known for their theme song to The Sopranos, ‘ Woke Up This Morning, Got Myself A Gun’ and anti-hippy diatribe, ‘ Ain’t Goin’ to Goa’, the Brixton collective combine country instruments and techno beats to make their very own Acid Country Blues.

The group will be heading to Bury St Edmunds on 18th July, for an acoustic gig at The Apex. In homage to the classic delta blues slide players, like Mississippi Fred McDowell, Howlin’ Wolf and John Lee Hooker, they will present their narco-acoustic slant on Alabama 3 songs and the music that has inspired them along the way.

Explaining their roots, the band say, “We never went on X Factor or Pop Idol or Stooge Quest. We did it the old-fashioned way … We never needed a self-appointed quango of jaded vampires to tell us how to sing the blues…we got MOJO.”

“We’re the fellas that did that Soprano’s theme tune. That tune bought someone a swimming pool, but it sure wasn’t any of us…”

A group best sampled live, Alabama 3 Acoustic have played all around the world in festivals, theatres, concert halls and prisons. Guitarist Rock Freebase explains, “ I’ve developed a style of guitar that combines elements of both MacDowell and White, with a hint of banjo picking, and tried to give it a more modern, urban twist.”

Complete with Larry Love’s whiskey-soaked vocals, Devlin Love’s soulful chorus and Nick Reynolds bad-ass blues on harmonica, they provide a raucous show, which is in no way constrained by the boring maxim that often goes with acoustic gigs!

They add, “ We’ve been in and we’ve been out. In and out of the charts, in and out of fashion, in and out of rehab. We’ve been skint and we’ve been minted… and you know what? It makes no difference to us. Because we’re never gonna stop.”

Alabama 3 Acoustic is at The Apex on Thursday 18 July at 8pm. See or ring 01284 758 000 for tickets. Or visit The Apex box office in Charter Square Bury St Edmunds.