Okay, I admit it… I’m addicted. As a New Wolsey Theatre Rock & Roll Panto-holic!

Up until the ripe old age of 45, I’d never enjoyed pantomime. I’d always found it a bit forced and just a bit too cheesy, and then 8 years ago a friend suggested I try the New Wolsey Theatre’s version of the seasonal classic, and I’ve been totally hooked ever since.

This year’s classic which has been given the special New Wolsey sparkle is Aladdin – complete with an outrageously spectacular dame Widow Twanky, alongside a whole cast of super talented actor/musician performers.

The traditional tale is taken to a whole new level of hilarity and non-stop fun. There’s something for both adults and children alike – albeit I’d say this is more levelled at the grown ups than the kids! There are countless double entendres (which had the audience in tears at times!) and the perfect amount of daft slapstick moments. My favourite moment was Wishy Washy being put through the boil wash at the laundry and then stuck through the mangle… at this point I was literally crying with laughter.

There’s a great score as usual, featuring songs such as Papa Don’t Preach, I’m a Believer and a wonderfully camp rendition of I Will Survive. All of the cast really threw themselves into the show, and it was clear from watching them all that they absolutely love what they do.

Character-wise, Wishy Washy and Widow Twanky stole the show for me, but the entire cast are utterly brilliant performers and the audience left buzzing and chuckling and full of festive spirit.

I can’t wait for my second visit in January to one of the late shows…

Aladdin at the New Wolsey Theatre runs until Saturday 1st February. For more information or to book visit