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Aladdin: Ipswich Regent


Just the antidote needed after nearly two years of no pantomimes. This panto gives young and old the feel-good factor from start to finish.

Enchanted Entertainment have a brilliant cast of talented professional performers. Marcus Collins was the Genie, and Marcus may be a familiar face as he was voted X Factor UK runner up in 2011. Aladdin was played by Nic Westaway, who is an Australian actor that has played various roles in theatre, films and on TV; probably best known as having a part in Home and Away. Mike McClean directed this production as well as playing the part of Wishee Washee. Mike was clearly thrilled and excited to be back on stage, he has a very quick wit and his performance was hilarious. Darren Machin another very good actor was Widow Twankey and played the part very well. There was lots of laughter from the audience. Of course, every panto must have a villain and who better to play the part than Andrew Goddard as Abanazar. Andrew portrayed his part very well and stirred up the audience every time he appeared, and even more so when his deadly plan to kidnap Jasmine and marry her failed. Jasmine was played by Selena Barron.

The scenery and costumes were good as were the special effects. Enchanted Entertainment have very cleverly produced a traditional panto in such a way that the audience did not know exactly what was going to be said or done next, without taking away the original story line, and at the same time keeping all the audience fully engaged with current one liners and innuendos. As well as four teams of young amateur dancers, there were four professional dancers and one of those Rachael Alexander is also an aerialist and fire artist who showed us her skills during the show. This added a jaw dropping moment.

Aladdin runs until Saturday 2nd January and is a must-see panto.

For more information or to book visit: ipswichtheatres.co.uk/aladdin.