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All Change…

It’s all change here at BBC Radio Suffolk, as a new series of local shows have taken over the airwaves from 7-10pm on weeknights. BBC Music Introducing in Suffolk has doubled in length, we’re now 7-9pm on a Wednesday, and I now have a new co-presenter.

Angelle Joseph is a rapper (as A.N.G), a promoter (her Girls Do Music nights have been big successes), a presenter (check out Beats, Rhymes and Grime on IO Radio) and now she’s… er, more of a radio presenter. She brings to the show a wealth of knowledge about the local scene, and an enthusiasm for supporting people who are making music. If she had the time I think she’d go knocking door to door to tell musicians just how important it was to get involved with Introducing.

We’re a handful of shows into the new era, and things are going well. Rubber Jaw joined us for our first broadcast, as we fumbled our way through two hours of live radio – trying not to talk over each other, and keeping each other calm. Morgan Swann, Bessie Turner, Cherise Phillips, Oranje and Monster Florence have since joined us in the live room, highlighting that a big part of our plan is to bring the best of live music from around these parts into the living rooms, kitchens and car stereos of Suffolk.

We’ve already got Piers James and his full band and War Waves, who it’s sad to hear are calling it a day, booked in for December.

It’s a new start for the show, and the perfect opportunity for you to send us your music – whether you’ve been played in the past, or if we’re yet to hear what you can do. Who knows what it could lead to? A play on the radio, a live session with us, or perhaps a slot at a festival bill in 2019.

There’s only one way to find out.

In the meantime, hopefully you’ll tune in on Wednesday nights and join us as we celebrate the incredible music being made where we live.

BBC Introducing: Richard Haugh
Richard was born and grew up in Ipswich. He loves new music and DJs/co-runs the Uprock night in the town, hosting acts such as Mumford & Sons, Jamie T and Golden Silvers alongside up and coming local bands such as Ed Sheeran, DELS, The Cheek and The Cads. "I try to set the bar really high for the Introducing show - if I wouldn't consider playing it when DJing, why play it on the radio?

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