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As You Like It

As You Like It

Red Rose Chain

Red Rose Chain productions in the enchanting forest setting at Jimmy’s Farm, have become
a regular feature in my family’s summer diary, with their energetic and fast paced
performances and the oh so talented cast of five, under the superb direction of Jo Carrick.
They bring Shakespeare to life with their exciting, vibrant and almost slapstick performances
and I so wish they were around when I was studying for my O’levels all those years ago, to
help me actually understand the plays – something I somehow missed in the classroom.

This year’s production is no exception, with the cast singing (with and without moustaches)
and playing instruments, whilst at the same time swapping roles, costumes and gender
throughout the performance. It is quite magical and the family audience participates with

The stage set consists of a few tents, a small stage and an adorable tin roofed cottage in
the Forest of Arden – which has moved to the wild west for this adaptation – and Carrick
skillfully takes us through Orlando’s brave wrestling match, through to Rosalind’s
banishment to the forest disguised as the young shepherd boy Martext, accompanied by her
cousin Celia (dressed as a peasant girl), and on to the finale, with the superb cast of Jack
Heydon, Darren Latham, Ryan Penny, Emma Swan and Fizz Waller.

Theatre in the Forest at Jimmy’s Farm runs until the 27th August and makes a wonderful
evening’s entertainment. Our Tree in the Forest Liked It, so catch it if you can.


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