Bars And Melody

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Reviews

Bars and Melody (also known as BAM) are a singing/rapping duo consisting of rapper Leondre Deviries (“Bars”) and singer Charlie Lenehan (“Melody”).

Bars and Melody shot to fame on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014 after finishing 3rd in the competition. Two years later and here they are, performing at Norwich Arts Centre. Over the last two years they have been busy working on new music and touring the country with various album signings and performances.

The first support act on stage was Aaron Floyd. As a young musician he really got the crowd going; they loved his style and although he seemed shy at first, he really came out of his shell when performing. His music is a real crowd pleaser and they joined in by singing along to his songs. Whilst he performed a couple of his own tracks, he mainly performed covers which went down well with the crowd.

Next on the stage was Lukas Rieger, from Germany, again a young teen musician. His style is similar to Aaron Floyd but with an element of techno to it. His latest work Compass, consisted of a set mix of semi-acoustic and techno style tracks. His latest track, Elevate was a big hit with the crowd. He performed a cover of an Ed Sheeran song and it was performed well. As his set came to an end, the main act were ready to take to the stage: Bars and Melody.

With everything in place, the band took their position and as the lights dimmed, the crowd were at their peak. Bars and Melody kicked off their set with That Girl, and continued with their set. The duo seemed to really ease into their set and with the crowd joining in with the songs; it made for an enjoyable night. The boys have a strong stage presence about them which makes for a great performance. They finished the night by performing their debut track: Hopeful.

Bars and Melody are on tour until the end of October. For more information, visit:

Aaron Floyd

Lukas Rieger: 

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