Best Live Guests…


We’re only a few weeks into 2017, but I’m confident we’ve already had one of the best live guests we’ll have this year.

Booda French was in fine form as he performed four tracks from his superb EP, Awesome is Everyday. It’s been great to see the EP being so well received, and I highly recommend it to anyone yet to listen to it. It shows off Booda’s sublime poetry and lyrical delivery, and the production is on point.

Live, Booda has recruited a band made of musicians he says would be difficult to top locally. After just two rehearsals, one of which was without the man himself, they played at the Smokehouse in Ipswich for a full-to-the-brim EP launch party in December. Having a band behind him seemed to give Booda a new level of confidence, and the slickly polished tracks featured on the EP were given a new, rawer treatment in a live setting.

A couple of weeks later, and bouyed by this experience, they were impeccable in their session for us. It should be an exciting 2017 for Booda French.

Hopefully the same can be said for Tilly Moses, the artist formerly known as Tilly Dalglish. Tilly wowed us a couple of years ago with her early demos, and after concentrating on her studies she’s now working towards her debut album. At the time of writing she’s already received over £1,000 from a fundraising campaign to support the project – it’s impressive, but not surprising, that so many people are keen to hear more from her.

Beatmaker Brooches has returned with a luscious mixtape which is well worth a listen. We’ve only been sent the first side of Remedy Tape, which features four tracks of beats, words and screeching guitars… as well as a guest appearance from that man Booda French. Brooches says the cassettes are going to be available in a limited number via his bandcamp page in the near future.

The man behind Brooches, Chris Brett, is also in Radio Orwell and their second EP is well worth a listen. 

Elsewhere, and back to yet another example of how good the hip hop scene is in Ipswich, Native James’ Dark Light album is an incredibly accomplished recording. The production is stunning, and Native James is a genuinely exciting wordsmith. It’s easy to imagine him being a regular on Gilles Peterson’s show.