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by | Jun 12, 2024 | Festival, Featured, Interview, Music

Ahead of this weekend’s Brighten the Corners multi venue festival across Ipswich the team behind BtC have been talking to some of the acts set to grace their stages over the weekend.


BtC: We’re super excited to have you as our Saturday headliners! What do you know about Ipswich? 

shame: Honestly we don’t know very much about Ipswich as none of us have ever been there. However, our manager Paul went to school there and tells us that Ipswich produced two of England’s most successful football managers. Based on this, I can only assume that Ipswich is where our Paul got his own formidable managerial prowess from.

Btc: If you could collaborate with any musician, alive or dead, who would it be? 

shame: We’d probably collaborate with Abba, then maybe in 30 or so years there’ll be a shame hologram show.

BtC: Have you got any new music in the pipeline that you can tell us about?

shame: We’re currently well underway with writing album 4, demoing new material in the studio and road testing them at the occasional small gigs around London. It’s hard to say too much without giving it away, but it sounds good trust me.

BtC: Tell us about your iconic Glastonbury performance.       

shame: It was one of those gigs where we could never have guessed how well it was going to go. The changeover was chaotic and stressful in typical festival fashion, but as soon as we started it felt extremely special. Honourable mention to the bloke that had a smoke flare in each hand, akimbo style.

BtC: Where do you take influences from when making new music?       

shame: Our records so far have varied in themes from social commentary to internal reflection, in terms of lyrics. Instrumentally we keep a fairly broad range of influences, from electronic inflected krautrock to traditional Brazilian music to name a couple. There comes a time where you have to narrow it down a bit, but at the moment we’re drawing influence from all over.

Ibibio Sound Machine

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BtC: We’re thrilled to have you as our Friday headliners. What can we expect from your set?

ISM: High energy, dancing & a party atmosphere!

BtC: What can you tell us about the direction of the new album? 

ISM: It has an edgier sound resulting from our work with producer Ross Orton and some elements that push further into the same electronic territory as our previous album ‘Electricity’. There is perhaps more focus on songs with this record than ever before and more English language has been incorporated in the lyrics.

BtC: How does performing live differ from recording in the studio? 

ISM: It’s a totally different experience – studio work is all about the creative process whereas live shows are about the exchange of energy between the band and audience.

BtC: Tell us about some of your favourite collaborations. 

ISM: Our work on our last 2 albums with producers Hot Chip & Ross Orton have been amazing moments of collaboration for us.

BtC: Are there any rituals you have as a group before live performances?

ISM: We definitely all get in the zone together backstage before shows!

Jay Prince

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BtC: Which artists have influenced you the most? 

JP: I have had the privilege of collaborating with numerous artists and producers throughout my career. Each one of them has had a significant impact on my artistry, and I am grateful for the opportunity to create with so many talented individuals. 

BtC: Tell us about some of your favourite collaborations you’ve worked on.  

JP: I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with a group of exceptionally talented artists, including Tyler the Creator, Ella Eyre, Estelle, Tiggs Da Author, Yussef Dayes, and Amine. These collaborations have provided me with invaluable opportunities to learn from their artistic intelligence and expertise. 

BtC: What can we expect from your live show at Brighten The Corners? 

JP: I am very excited to have the opportunity to play songs for those who share my love for music. Music is a powerful tool that can bring people together so expect unforgettable moments. 

BtC: If you were stranded on a desert island, which musician would you like to be there to join you? 

JP: Khruangbin seems like great company for a stranded jam session.

BtC: Where is the most unique venue or location you’ve played a gig? 

JP: Coachella is definitely one of the top locations. The stunning beauty of California, with its palm trees and breathtaking sunsets, make it an unforgettable experience.

Mary in the Junkyard

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BtC: How did mary in the junkyard come about? 

MitJ: It was mainly an accident. We were only thinking about the one show, then we got asked to do another one by someone who had heard us… then another… and another. It was all through word of mouth and people having listened to the shows. We are so grateful for the incredible people we met along the way who have helped us do what we love to do, and the independent venues that have given us the platforms to grow.

BtC: If you could curate your own festival lineup, who would be your dream headliners?

MitJ: Saya: Jeff Buckley of course. But if they have to be alive then Big Thief. Also Beatles, Portishead, Hiatus Kaiyote, Django Reindhardt, Esperanza Spalding.

David: Bob Dylan, my bloody valentine, Frank Ocean!

Clari: Aldous Harding, Josephine Foster, Otta, Nick Cave

BtC: What musicians influence you?

MitJ: Big Thief, Portishead, Stephane Grappelli, Radiohead

BtC: Are there any new releases on the way?

MitJ: Yes! At this point writing the interview we have an EP coming out but maybe at the point of this festival it will already be out… Then a couple singles next year, then it will be our first album.

BtC: The scene at Brixton’s Windmill appears to be thriving – what’s it like to be in the middle of it right now?

MitJ: It’s a buzzing scene and so sacred in the band scene. Tim the booker always finds the strangest artists so you are guaranteed to see something new. It’s very refreshing. David used to watch the Lou Smith videos on youtube and now we have a couple of our own!

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