Call For Bands


There is a charity fundraiser happening at The Banham Barrel on Saturday 27th August starting at noon and running until 5pm.

This mini festival is being run to support The Scotts Continued Fight Against MLD.  MLD, metachromatic leukodystrophy, is  an incurable disease which robs children of their ability to walk, talk, eat or see, ending with paralysis before death.   The Scotts have not one, but three children suffering from this condition.  You can read their story here.

800mld2For the fundraising event, the organisers are looking for local bands to fill the five hour slot and help them raise money.  If you are a local band or solo performer and would like to give your time to this cause get in touch with Karlton on 07715 555 105.

As well as live music there will be a bouncy castle, inflatables, arts and crafts, workshops, kiddies fun fair rides, jugglers and clowns, food stalls, face painting,  kiddies ball pool corner etc, followed by a dance event in the evening inside the Banham Barrel.