Cambridge Junction: The House Never Wins

Cambridge Junction’s programme of online events continues this March with the return of Kill The Cat Theatre’s The House Never Wins following its hugely popular run in October.

A new interactive game theatre piece that you can play from the comfort of your own home.

Cambridge Junction’s programme of online events continues this March with the return of Kill The Cat Theatre’s The House Never Wins following its hugely popular run in October.

Kill The Cat Theatre have created a unique new show where audiences can participate from the comfort of their own sofa. “The House Never Wins” is an interactive theatre performance exploring the climate crisis, self-isolation and gambling for the planet. Kill The Cat created the show during Lockdown in 2020 and the show has continued to tour, connecting with theatres across the country and offering theatre goers an alternative way to experience theatre: through Zoom and your mobile phone.

The House Never Wins is an exciting hands-on experience where audience members are actively asked to be involved in the journey of the piece. Receiving information through both zoom and their phones, audiences will play what seems to be a simple game of blackjack. However, there’s a catch. Whilst trying to pit your luck against the dealer, you also must keep The House alive, messages appear on your phone: sea levels rising, mass extinctions, the burning Amazon, The House goes bust, the casino collapses. But surely you are only here to win a real cash prize?

Kill The Cat Theatre is a collaboration between theatre makers Dylan Frankland and Madeleine Allardice. They make bold interactive theatre exploring difficult social issues in inventive ways – putting the audience at the heart of the action, be it through interactive gameplay or striking up a genuine conversation. Originally commissioned by Upstart Theatre as part of the Dare Festival 2019, The House Never Wins is the third new show to be developed by the company, and has been supported by Arts Council England, Camden People’s Theatre, Maketank, Shoreditch Town Hall, Ovalhouse and The Climate Psychology Alliance.

As well as theatres, their work takes place in unusual spaces – which is no different to their newest piece which is done in the virtual realm. When starting the creative process for the project mid-March, Covid-19 had a big impact on the development of the piece and has shaped it to be purposefully accessible whilst in isolation. All you need is WhatsApp, a laptop, a bowl of water and a piece of fruit. By being digital, it has meant we’ve been able to have international audiences, with people joining us from the US, Australia, Spain, The Philippines, the Netherlands and Malaysia. This is the perfect cure for missing live theatre and overcoming lockdown boredom. So, glam up, and join us, for the house is on fire. 

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