Cambridge Online Jazz Courses


Created with support from Cambridgeshire Music and John Lewis the Cambridge Jazz Festival have designed monthly online jazz courses where participants will receive regular tuition, masterclasses and individual feedback as well as being a part of the Cambridgeshire Virtual Jazz Ensemble! 

The courses are open to participants of all ages and abilities who are interested in playing jazz/funk/pop/soul music.

What do I need?

All you will need is your instrument and phone/computer to learn how to play in jazz/funk/pop styles and to grow your confidence and technique.

The courses last for four weeks and there is a one week break between. It is possible to join a course late and the organisers can also set you some challenges whilst you wait for the next course to start! The courses are designed to fit around your schedule.

The Jazz-Funk Course – Monday 1st Feb – Monday 1st March 2021

These projects have been very heavily subsidised and all profits will be going into Cambridge Jazz Festival’s education scheme.​

  • Under 18s – £10/week (£40/project)
  • Over 18s – £15/week (£60/project)

​There are some scholarships available for those who need them. Please enquire for more details about this.

Each week you will receive:

  • Online lesson from the tutors (both intermediate and advanced)
  • Tailored, individual feedback on your weekly challenge which we will       be asking to you to send to us.
  • Sheet music and worksheets to help with practice 

Cambridge Jazz Fstival will be providing regular content and individual contact time for all participants. It is a great chance to learn how to play in a wide range of styles and develop all aspects of your playing and musicianship.

Monthly Schedule

Week 1 

Video Lesson 1: How to play the project song (intermediate and advanced)

Sheet Music, practice exercises handout

Play Along tracks

Large ensemble sheet music with accompanying backing tracks

Week 2 

Individual feedback on week 1 challenge

Jazz Etude with accompanying video and playalong track

Week 3 

Individual feedback on week 2 challenge

Online video lessons (intermediate and advanced)

Week 4 

Individual feedback on week 3 challenge

Published video of the virtual jazz ensemble performance

Guest tutor online video lesson 

​For more information or to sign up please contact Cambridge Online Jazz Course