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Nick Wells

Nick Wells from The Apex in Bury St Edmunds was kind enough to answer some of our questions, just as the doors of the venue have reopened, to fill us in on how things...

Winyl: Red, Red Vinyl

WINYL is a new fruity and fun approach to both wine and record shopping, yes you heard us right! 

Jake Aldridge

HC: Let’s begin with you telling us how it all started for you? JA: When I was 17, I started writing my thoughts, about day to day life, down on paper. I feel like I...

Belinda Gillett

HC: Let’s begin with you telling us how you started writing your own songs and deciding to release them into the world. BG: The short answer is: I heard Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’. I had never...

Debbie Thompson

Debbie Thompson has been Sheringham Little Theatre’s Director for nearly 20 years, and we recently spoke to her to see how things are going.

Millie Kirkpatrick

Suffolk based singer/songwriter Millie Kirkpatrick answers our questions and talks about her music, the past year as a musician and teases her upcoming projects.

Steve Mannix

We spoke with Steve Mannix to see how things have been going at the newly refurbished Mercury Theatre and to hear about their plans for the near future.

Christian Smith

Inspired by Brian Fallon and Bruce Springsteen, among others, Christian Smith's music is Americana rock with a punky edge. Haley Clapperton chatted to this Cambridge based singer songwriter about his music and his upcoming UK tour.

Shazia Mirza

We caught up with Shazia Mirza ahead of her 2021/2022 Coconut Tour. We learn all about her teaching days, her first shows of comedy and what you can expect from her stand-up.

Adam Thomas

We caught up with Adam Thomas ahead of his appearance at the W.A.M Festival this summer! We talked his early music career, the Festival and what he'd like to do in the future, read all about it here!