Congratulations Ed


If you were lucky enough to catch Ed Sheeran when he was gigging in Framlingham or at The Steamboat in Ipswich – or for that matter at Ipswich Music Day, you might have liked his music, you might not.  Music is such a subjective thing that you might even like something one day and not the next.

There are those who feel we go on too much about Ed Sheeran’s success – but isn’t that what we all secretly crave?  To have our music listened to by millions of people, to have our work become the song some young couple will forever call “their song”?  And to get paid for it – well, that’s a bonus!

So when a young musician from Suffolk takes to the stage in Los Angeles to accept an award from none other than Stevie Wonder we should sit up and take notice.  Not only did Ed win a Grammy for Song of the Year but also for Best Pop Solo Performance.  Anyone who saw him at a packed Wembly last year will know that it takes something special to entertain a crowd that size with just your voice and your guitar.

So, well done Ed for the Grammys, for keeping us entertained and for keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground.

“If you’d told my 11-year-old self I would receive an award from Stevie Wonder I’d be chuffed.”

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