Connor Adams

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Connor Adams
Greshams, Ipswich

Connor Adams has been touring the UK with his new EP and was back in his hometown to delight his Ipswich fans.

Connor is a true talent, he’s been playing the guitar from a young age and his musicality is ingrained in his soul. He’s not just another guy with a guitar… Connor is a young and handsome guy with many guitars! Having a selection enables the dynamics of the different sounds to morph with the tracks, something many forget.

Coming on stage with the first song ‘Since You Came Around’ got us all tapping our feet and ready for the night ahead.  Connor played with his full band for many of the tracks and treated us to a few beautiful solo pieces too.

The band are very cool. Nice to see a female keyboard player and her backing vocals added a nice touch to some of the harmonies. The sound was pretty spot on, it is so wonderful to be at a venue where you can hear all the instruments together making the music the band intended!

Connor has a smooth, yet gritty, almost country (but not) steady voice with a natural emotion that draws you in. And if his voice doesn’t draw you in, his lyrics will: powerful, passionate and descriptive, telling us a story for us to engage on another level

Connor also has a lovey stage presence and his warm personality comes through, he loves being on stage, loves the limelight but completely loves performing his music for the audience to enjoy with him.

His songs spanned a broad range of styles: we had rock, blues/country, pop, ballads, and using all or only a couple of the band members to enhance the tracks for the best performance possible. A couple of songs may have had a bit too much going on – too much light and shade when not needed. However, it certainly was a showcase for the talent with lots of variety for all audiences to enjoy.

There were some covers to add to the evening’s entertainment, we had ABBA – yes there really was a room full of men singing ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ (it was brilliant) and Fleetwood Mac ‘The Chain’ was pretty awesome.

It was a hugely enjoyable evening listening to the talents of Connor Adams and his band. He’s certainly one to keep an eye on and it is worth trying to catch him at the small venues before he’s off around the world. If you can’t get to see him, do check out his EP.

There were two supports: First up was ‘Polly Haynes’ – female vocalist and guitarist with plenty of jazzy/blues/punk angst to get out of her system. Then ‘Reno & Rome’ – loved the energy oozing out of these guys and I seriously need to see them again for a full review.

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For his support: Reno & Rome / Polly Haynes. For the venue visit


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