Connor Adams – Hometown Gig

Connor Adams | Image © Rick Martin Media
Connor Adams | Image © Rick Martin Media

Musician and songwriter Connor Adams is returning to his hometown of Ipswich this January 16th for a socially distanced gig at The Box Tree

Music has always been a way of life for Connor, who grew up with a wide range of music tastes thanks to the many members of his family who took him to plenty of live gigs growing up, watching the likes of The Darkness and the Foo Fighters

Since those days, Connor has gone on to achieve his musical dream, a moment of pride for him being when he got to be the support act for the very same band he listened to as a child, The Darkness, when the band came to Norwich. 

“Everywhere I looked was a poster of these gigantic artists that I’ve loved and adored for years on the wall, playing the venue I’m about to play. It felt like a bit of a dream! I also remember playing in Bristol for the first time last year on a support tour, I was a bit anxious about how it was going to go as it was the first night of the tour playing to a brand new crowd. 

“I opened the set with a track called Behind All the Lies which is on the Open My Eyes record, the crowd sang every word. I was in disbelief that I was miles away from home, playing in a place I’d never been to a crowd I’d never seen and here they were knowing the words to one of my songs. Crazy!” 

Connor would now describe his music as Indie Rock meets Pop Singer-Songwriter, explaining:

“The journey started with me and the Acoustic Guitar, throughout the years the sound has started to expand. I now perform live with a five-piece band, so naturally, the sound started to develop more rockier/edgy sounds.” 

The upcoming Ipswich gig will, of course, abide by whatever guidelines the Government gives closer to January but for now, it is a socially distanced gig with one-way systems, pods of six, table service, temperature checks, and all staff wearing masks and visors. 

Despite all the changes to live performance over the past year, Connor laments that no matter what changes are made he’s just glad he gets to get back on stage again. 

“I’m just happy that we’re getting to play live, I’ve honestly missed it so much. There’s nothing that replicates the feeling of playing live, with the band, the crowd. It’s honestly what I do this for.” 

Connor has also recently released a new EP entitled ‘Devil of the Night’, which has been in the works for two years now and was somewhat of a lifeline for the young singer. (Read our review of the EP launch here)

“With the title track being ‘Devil of the Night’, it’ll come as no surprise that this is a very dark record for me. 2019 was my most challenging year to date, I went through a lot of heavy-hitting problems that slowly seeped it’s way into my writing. It sounds cheesy but this EP really did save me from a downwards spiral, it gave me focus and hope.” 

Now, the singer/songwriter is looking to the future, claiming that the sky is the limit when it comes to his musical career. 

“Next year the goal for me is to get out and play the new EP live to as many people as possible. As a musician, I truly believe that there’s no better way to promote yourself than playing your songs live, for me that’s where it really counts. I absolutely love traveling and seeing new places, one day I’d love to head out to Nashville and play some shows. I’ve heard great things! “

For now, the Ipswich-born musician is excitedly waiting to come back to his hometown in the new year and promises his gig will still be ‘live and loud’. 

I want people to be blown away when they come to one of my shows. For those two hours that we’re on stage, I’d love for the crowd to take themselves out of their normal day to day mindset. Forget about all your problems, all your worries and immerse yourself in the music for that small amount of time. We want it to be a party, a celebration every time.”  

To keep up to date with Connor’s work, be sure to follow him @connoradamsmusic on Instagram and Facebook where he promises he’s going to be releasing new content and something super special for you all during this lockdown. 

To book your tickets to see Connor Adam’s Box Tree Gig click here, all previously purchased tickets remain valid. 

Connor Adams ‘Devil of the Night’ gig at The Box Tree Venue