Count Arthur Strong


Fresh from donkey’s years on his award-winning BBC Radio 4 series and the success of his award-wining BBC TV sitcom, Count Arthur Strong returns to live theatre with The Sound of Mucus tour which brings him to Norwich Theatre Royal on May 21.

The fictional Arthur is a faded star from the golden days of variety, prone to delusions of grandeur, selective memory loss and the blurting out of malapropisms. He was never as famous as he thinks he was…but this won’t stop him delving into stories from his ‘showbiz career’ as he  pays tribute to one of the best musicals he can remember, uniquely recreating salient and poignant moments for audience enjoyment. 

Count Arthur Strong will be supported on stage by Terry Kilkelly as Malcolm de Tinsel from Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show, and Dave Plimmer who features in Count Arthur Strong on BBC1 as Allan Leslie.

If you’ve enjoyed his antics on radio and the small screen, then now is the chance to catch him live with tickets to see his show on May 21 at 7.30pm. Book online at or call the box office on 10603 630000.

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