Dan Patlansky

South African blues rock virtuoso Dan Patlansky will return to the UK in November, and he will be playing the Norwich Waterfront on Thursday 22nd November. We got to ask a few questions ahead of the tour…

What’s the best gig that you’ve been to, or has inspired you the most?

Probably watching King King when we supported them in 2016. It was the best put together show I’ve ever seen and Alan has the crowd in the palm of his hand from the first note – I’ve never seen anything like that before.

What is your favourite part of touring and what is your least favourite part of it?

Best part of touring is playing my music every night for a different set of people, that’s really a blessing! Earning a living out of what you love is so cool. Least favourite part is travelling and being apart from my family, that’s really tough sometimes.

What’s your favourite UK venue so far, and why do you like it so much?

Tough question, there’s so many great places. It would have to be a tie between the Borderline in London and Mr Kyps in Poole. Both places have a rich history and you can feel it when you are on the stage, which will always reflect in your performance.

Do you have a pre-show ritual? If so what is it?

I like to take an hour for myself to warm up the fingers and voice but more importantly warm up my head (switch it off). Head space separates the good shows from the tough ones for me. I normally find a quiet place backstage and try to zone out while warming up.

What is your favourite part about playing live?

Everything!!! It’s the reason I do this. The energy from the crowd fuels creativity and feeds ones soul. Playing in a studio always feels a bit pointless in a way because you are playing to the walls.

What are you most looking forward to when retuning to the UK?

Playing new songs! I’ve been playing the old album tunes for two years now and it’s time for a change. I think the new set is super cool and a lot of fun to play. UK crowds are fantastic to play for and I hope they dig the new stuff.

Earlier this year you released your album Perfection Kills. When was the album written? What was the inspiration behind the album?

I started writing for it just after Introvertigo was released – through about a two year time frame. I wanted to make an album that represented my live sets as close as possible and I didn’t want to produce all the magic away while in studio, so I thought it was a fitting title for the album.

What did you do different for this album?

We recorded it mostly live and didn’t do much editing on parts. There was a very strong focus on writing still but I wanted it to come across in the most natural way possible. So I think it’s a rawer, more organic version of me.

What was the recording process like for your latest album Perfection Kills?

As mentioned, we mostly recorded it live over a 10 day period. It was mostly guided by gut feel when it came to decision making. The studio felt like a home which was great for creativity and the overall vibe. All in all, it was a very easy and fun record to make.

What is the one item, apart from your guitar, that you need to take on tour with you?

My watch.

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