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Danny Bowes and Luke Morley Come To Bury St Edmunds

Having toured the UK in 2019 with a two-man stripped back Unplugged & Unscripted show, Danny Bowes and Luke Morley from British Rock giants Thunder hit the road again, with their Spoken Word and Acoustic Music tour.

Their new book ‘Danny Bowes & Luke Morley – The First 50 Years’ will form the backdrop of each show, with poignant, revealing and hilarious stories, interspersed with acoustic renditions of classic Thunder songs.

At these intimate, unguarded and very funny shows, the Thunder stalwarts will tell the remarkable story of one of rock music’s most enduring friendships. Danny & Luke became friends in September 1971, when they met at secondary school. Through the ups and downs of life on the road, their friendship has never wavered, though this tour may test it!

The book ‘Danny Bowes & Luke Morley – The First 50 Years’ charts the duo’s history with the band. Packed with pictures and full of facts, the book is in a strictly limited edition of 2000.

The tour and the book offer fans, not just of Thunder but of rock music in general, stories about the highs and lows of life in a rock band, some fantastic live music, and plenty of laughs.

Danny & Luke From Thunder will be at The Apex on Monday 15 November at 7.30pm. Tickets are available from or 01284 758 000.


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