Dick Whittington


KD Theatre Productions entertained a packed audience at the Maltings in Ely with an action-packed pantomime on Saturday. There was much audience participation: booing the bad fairy, cheering the good fairy, marvelling at the dazzling dancers, and empathising with Dick and his talking cat as they raced through their fantastic adventures until Dick became mayor of London and married the lovely Alice.

Not a moment was lost as we were thoroughly entertained by Dick Whittington (played by Aaron Carr), Tommy (David McNair), the charming Enchantress of the Thames (Lucinda Withers), the evil Queen Rat (Gregory Hazel), the beautiful Alice (Lucy Bell), the larger-than-life Sarah Sweet-Tooth (Terry Gauci) and the captain with a goofy grin and the Sultan (Terry Burns).

The singing was top-notch and there were some amazingly sophisticated and tricky movements in the dance routines. The Ensemble and the young cast: Team Jubilee, Team Bakerloo, Team Victoria and Team Waterloo were fantastic.  

The costumes were amazing and it was incredible how a number of characters changed costumes so rapidly with some playing seamlessly more than one role.

The settings for the many varied scenes were imaginative including the streets of London town, in a sweet shop, down in the depths of the sea, aboard the Saucy Sally, an island and a Sultan’s Palace.

Director Daniel Bell, choreographer Katherine Hickmott, writers Daniel Bell and Terry Gauci and Musical Director Jack Breeze with a huge supportive team created a glittering and highly entertaining production that was the perfect antidote for a cold and wet winter’s afternoon.

Dick Whittington runs until the 5th January 2020. KD Production’s next pantomime with be ‘Sleeping Beauty’ at the Maltings in Ely on Friday 11th December 2020 to Sunday 3rd January 2021 contact: www.kdtheatre.co.uk.

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