Dutch Swing College Band at The Apex


Holland’s legendary Dutch Swing College Band were officially launched on D Day 1945 and are still going strong! With over 100 albums to their name, this traditional Dixieland jazz band have appeared at festivals, theatres and royal occasions in all continents.

In the Netherlands, jazz music was banned by the Nazis during the Second World War. A number of young people wanted to keep this music at all costs. They practiced in secret, copied illegal radio broadcasts and were determined to establish a school for jazz music after the war: the Swing College. On the day of liberation, 5 May 1945, the Orchestra of the Dutch Swing College had its first performance.

The DSC Band played a prominent role during the post-war period, when many youngsters fell under the spell of American jazz music. But the DSC band didn’t merely copy these American virtuosos, they created their own interpretations, arrangements and compositions, building up their unique and recognizable sound.

The band appeared frequently on TV and in film productions, and quickly found an international following. Through the years, many big names in jazz music have been backed by the DSC, from Sidney Bechet, Joe Venuti and Rita Reys to Teddy Wilson.

Highly successful in their native homeland, The Dutch Swing College Band has now grown into a world famous jazz ensemble. The world-class players create their own interpretations, arrangements and compositions. Fiery, soulful, tasteful and enthusiastic, the current line-up still guarantees a fantastic performance of traditional jazz.

The Dutch Swing College Band are at The Apex on Thursday 11 July, at 7.30pm, see www.theapex.co.uk or ring 01284 758000 for more information or to book tickets.

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