Eternal Love: The Musical Comes to Ipswich & King’s Lynn in 2025

by | Feb 26, 2024 | Music

Is a Lad from Oldham about to give Sir Cameron Mackintosh and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber a Run for Their Money?

Independent theatre show producer Steve Steinman is on a mission to single-handedly release the West End’s stranglehold on musical theatre! Tickets for his brand-new production, the vampire-themed Eternal Love: The Musical, went on sale this week at the UK’s leading venues. It’s thought to be the first rock musical featuring an original score for fifty years.

And, despite no West End premiere, it’s going to be a monumental hit – with ticket sales across the regions exceeding all expectations.

Intentionally, Steve Steinman has ensured there will be no glitzy London premiere. “There’ll be no red carpet, no rent-a-celeb, and no pally-up to the critics,” he says. “I’ll leave all that to Sir Carmeron Mackintosh and Sir Anderew Lloyd Webber. That’s their world.”

The speciality of the Oldham-born, producer/director/performer’s production company – Steve Steinman Productions – is to bring hit touring theatre shows to the masses. Eternal Love: The Musical is the latest chapter in their Vampires Rock trilogy, and features Steinman once again in the lead role of the nefarious vampire Baron von Rockular.

The production marks the pinnacle of a tough, thirty-five year music career for the self-made, proud-of-his-Northern-roots, tell-it-how-it-is, entrepreneur. During an impressive, against-all-odds, rise to the top, Steinman has amassed seven million ticket sales, two number one albums and six chart-topping singles.

With his tongue firmly planted in his fang-filled cheek, Steinman describes his elevation to the heights of producer, director and performer of a sure-fire hit musical ‘a thirty-five year overnight success’. “The original Vampires Rock premiered twenty years ago, using the jukebox musical blueprint to become a regional theatre phenomenon,” says Steve. “Its sequel, Vampires Rock: Ghost Train, fills theatres throughout the country to this day.” The eagerly-awaited, full-blown pop rock musical Eternal Love opened its nationwide tour in January 2025, and promises to take the Vampires Rock story to its next, successful chapter.

Turning adversity to his advantage is the trademark of Steve’s career – the pandemic being the catalyst for Eternal Love: The Musical. “Lockdown forced Vampires Rock off of the road,” he says, “providing me with the opportunity to record two hit albums of exceptionally strong original material, which forms the backbone of the new musical’s score.

“Couple to that a fan base that most rock stars would envy, earned from years of constant touring, and I am more than ready for the biggest gamble of my life. “I would be so bold to say Eternal Love is the first musical to feature original rock compositions combined with an original storyline for fifty years – since The Rocky Horror Show.”

With the promise of a cast of twenty talented performers; choreography by Zena Gushart (MJ the Musical, Bat Out of Hell: The Musical, Footloose, Officer and a Gentleman); live musicians towering over the proceedings; the reprise of popular characters from the two Vampires Rock productions – including Baron von Rockular, The Vampire Queen and Bosley the Janitor; an original score featuring Amazon Rock Chart and iTunes Chart, chart toppers; a storyline that picks up where Vampires Rock Ghost Train ends; and scenery that would make many a West End production blush.

Eternal Love: The Musical is set to take producer/director/performer Steve Steinman to the next level. “Theatregoers across the UK will be the first to experience the rarity of a brand-new, original pop rock musical,” says Steve. “For very many musical theatre enthusiasts, it will truly be a first.

“Featuring West End production values, Eternal Love: The Musical will equally delight both true fans of musical theatre and music lovers who may not have never considered attending a musical before.”

As far as Eternal Love: The Musical and the West End itself is concerned, Steinman has this to say: “The West End is a very expensive closed shop, where fortunes are made – and lost.

“This honest, hard-working lad from Oldham is happy to make his mark as a musical theatre producer by bringing an original pop rock spectacular to the masses.

“I honestly have absolutely no West End ambitions at all, in fact quite the opposite. “I’ve specialised in bringing theatre shows that exude West End production values to people’s doorsteps for twenty years. I’d find expecting our fanbase to travel into London to see Eternal Love: The Musical a little arrogant.”

So, Sir Cameron Mackintosh and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber shouldn’t be quaking in their boots. . . “Not just yet, anyway!” laughs Steve.

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