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Faustus @ The Colchester Arts Centre, 31/10/16

It is no secret to say that Monday night is folk night at the Colchester arts centre, and Monday 31st is Halloween – the perfect fit. Folk music is jam packed full with the ghosts of long dead lovers, elves, fairies, ferocious black dogs and all far more raw and magical than Tolkien could ever imagine.

Can’t guarantee that all will be visited by Faustus, but it would be usual if they didn’t trawl the supernatural for a song or two, after all they are promoting their 3rd album “Death and other animals”. Though it is hard to imagine where they have found the time to reach this milestone, as all three members, individually, form an integral part of the current folk movement and are all to be found in the higher echelons of said beast, having performed and recorded with such luminaries as Bellowhead, Eliza Carthy and Seth Lakeman.

Enough of the circumstantial evidence, for it is as a trio that the magic happens. Songs and tunes old and new, guitar, bouzouki, fiddle, melodeon, three voices and an oboe. All played with gusto and bonhomie, and don’t forget the faintly surreal introductions. It is not for nothing that The Guardian newspaper described them as “One of Britain’s outstanding folk bands”, whether the converted or the curious come and hear what the fuss is all about. What else is there to do on Halloween?

Ian Ambrose
Ian is a freelance writer who specialises in music of all shapes and sizes. However he is more than happy to turn his hand to any subject and conjure up a well-researched article. As he can never have enough work he also offers a copy writing and editing service, which is soon to be augmented by a proof reading, and social media profiling service. Ian is also a published poet and photographer, and when not scribbling or dreaming, he has a small run leaflet distribution business.

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