4th Labyrinth

Quatrro Stagiono

Cambridge band 4th Labyrinth started life as a group of musicians who became friends, long before the name appeared.

They create an energy that is hard to find in this world of manufactured bands and artificial stardom. You‘ll find their music somewhere between Queen, ELO, The Beatles, Radiohead and Foo Fighters.

A sound that goes back to basics, a bit like it used to be but then again not really. Things don‘t always have to be reinvented. If you hear a familiar sound, it‘s not because somebody said it sells, but because it sounds good. The band believes selling records should be a result of that but never the reason for making music. A melody, a message and sweet harmonies is all it takes. It‘s right when it‘s beautiful, and beautiful it has to be! All the numbers on this impressive debut album are originals.

Tracks : Open the Gate (intro)/Get Out Alive/Wonderful Song/Kings For A While/Shining Star/Rule The World/Love/How Do I Make You Feel/Take Me High/Leave/Pretty Coloured Faces (For You)/A Simple Song

Musicians :  Marcel Kunkel, John Harper, Claudia McKenzie and Tom Winch