Capturing Energy & Urgency…

Marc Newby sings and plays guitar in a band from Ipswich called War Waves. His lyrics are brutally honest.

They are mostly autobiographical, and often address ‘desperately difficult times, self loathing, sex and lost opportunities.’

Marc says he tends to talk continuously and adds that his filter isn’t always what it should be. ‘It’s something I’m working on. I am pretty open talking about myself and I sometimes expect others to be the same, which isn’t reasonable really.’ Filter issues came to light upon my first listen to War Waves, and a track called Hockey Stick, uploaded around 18 months ago. ‘I hope you’re children know what a **** you really are’ Marc repeatedly sang. I loved it right away. I bought into War Waves in waves.

Marc’s lyrics coupled with the music he and fellow band members David Booty (bass), James Booty (drums) and Andrew Girling (guitar) make is a devastating combination. The band has released two captivating and courageous albums to date. You will find Hockey Stick along with other gems such as My Friend’s Wedding, Trophy Life and Megamouth on the self titled debut. The second long player ‘All that we lack’ drops in next month. Spine is the perfect opener, with Marc sounding happy, sad, confident, terrified, romantic, loveless, certain and unsure all at the same time. ‘I only want your spine laying next to mine. I’m going to kill this off before it gets to us, this has hurt enough.’

The words continue to strike a chord throughout, with tracks like Stickwrist and Our Parade particularly cutting. Musically, meanwhile, the band is sounding more confident than ever before. Horses, the first single from the album, is ultimate proof of that. ‘When we recorded the first album, we were still very much finding our feet as a band, and finding our sound. We actually wrote a couple of the songs in the studio pretty much as well. The songs were mostly written over the last 4 or 5 years and were much more traditional singer-songwriter tracks, transferred to a full band. This time around, I was writing with the band in mind, and with more experience (both musical and lifewise) on my side. We’ve grown as a band, and feel comfortable in our skin.’

The other main difference is that the new album was recorded in a bigger studio, with fewer overdubs, capturing the energy and urgency of the music more. That studio can be found at Punch Studios, with George Perks recording and mixing the record. ‘He is a little ball of genius and we were very lucky to be able to work with him. Unfortunately London has him now, but he won’t get away from us that easily. The album was produced by George, ourselves and Steve Mann, with additional help and production by Joe Bailey, so it really was a small little team working on the record. We all have similar musical tastes and ideas, so it was a dream. We only had 3 days to track all of the music, so it had to be the right people working on it.’

All That We Lack will be released on the 7th October as a digital download and on CD and vinyl. War Waves will have an album launch gig supporting The Vitamins at the Hunter Club in Bury St Edmunds a week later, and have a few more shows in the pipeline. They have not been the most prolific of live bands, but might that be about to change? ‘I’m certainly more comfortable as a musician and frontman. The reaction to the first album blew me away really, especially as we were quite green and didn’t have a huge push behind it. This time we’re a little wiser, and have been very lucky to have more backing from Backwater Records as well as a new relationship with Integrity Publishing.’

I suspect the reaction to the second album will be just as positive, and deservedly so.