Fern Teather

Hiding in the Dark

Suffolk-based Fern is a full time singer-songwriter and draws from her love of reading and her quirky take on life’s more reflective moments to pen lyrics and melodies so expressive that when she sings them, they send shivers down your spine!

Inspired by bands and artists such as Laura Marling, Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac, The Staves, and many more, Fern pulls on her eclectic taste in music to create her own unique “folk-edged Americana” sound.

Making a name for herself as a talented live solo artist over the past three years, she has teamed up with percussionist Sam Thurlow, who has brought an extra dimension to her music with his subtle, tactile and almost lyrical accompaniment on a variety of hand-drums.

Drawing on her fan base, Fern launched a Kickstarter campaign where fans of her music could pledge different amounts of money in return for limited edition rewards. These ranged from posters and wristbands, to signed CD’s, T-shirts, handwritten lyrics, and even house gigs. This turned out to be incredibly successful, and she reached her target of £2,000 in just 10 days! Fern is currently organising a spring tour and taking general gig bookings for all of 2016. For further information and booking enquiries, please email fernteathermusic@gmail.com 

Musicians : Fern Teather, Sam Thurlow, David Booth, Andy Trill, Jonathan Evans and Lucy Sampson   

Tracks : Shine Again/Hiding in the Dark/The Downfall/Different Lives/Outside Of The Lines/Saviour/Promise I’ll Forget/Gone In A Second/Away With the Fairies/Tempting Fate/Another Day