Promote Yourself

And not just on social media!

Top of the FAQs at Grapevine is “how can you help us promote our band/gig/album launch”… The short answer is: not as much as you can.

We have been promoting live entertainment in our region for over twenty-eight years, so we know a bit about getting your message out there. But we can’t do it all for you, you need to help us to help you.  The easiest way to tell your fans where you are playing is by adding your gigs to our listings. Its free and you can do it yourself.

You’ll find Grapevine Magazine in over five hundred venues locally, so you’ll be saving on shoe leather too! But remember that any printed publication goes through an editorial and production process and will have a deadline. Make sure your listings are posted before the print deadline.

Use social media to promote your event, by all means. Do not however make the mistake of thinking that only using social media is enough. Not everyone lives on a social media platform – I know, difficult to comprehend, isn’t it?
Old fashioned posters and flyers still have a place. If you balk at paying to advertise a gig you are playing for free you have a bigger question to ask yourself – why are you playing for free?

Working to produce entertainment magazines and websites is fast paced and busy. We do not have time to search for your information. Don’t just say ‘You can find me on Facebook’ – send us your link.

You stand a better chance if you send us an EPK. If you have never come across an EPK, believe me, you need one. An Electronic Press Kit is a god send to the busy journalist – but make sure it is up to date.

An EPK should contain a brief biography, short, snappy and to the point. Remember the six wise men: who, what, why, where, when and how (who are you, what do you do, why we need to know, where are you from, when are you playing live and how to get in contact). It should contain links to the music – either audio or video. You should also include some high resolution images, at last one portrait and one landscape orientation. Do not however, email 20Gb images to clog up our inbox – send us a Dropbox or WeTransfer link which contains all of the above.

Then there is the venue you are playing at. Ask them what they are doing to promote your gig. You might be surprised at the answer. Some are very good, others need encouragement. Whichever is the case make sure you promote it together.

Available from our sister company Colourplan Print.

Advertising your gig is part of the cost of putting it on. Of course, we would say that wouldn’t we? We sell advertising! Yes, but whether you advertise with us or buy a sign on the back of a bus – getting your message out there will involve spending money if you want to reach a wider audience.

The next paragraph carries a health warning for all you musicians out there. We know enough of you, there are exceptions, but essentially you are creative people with… how shall we put this… a lose grasp of the concept of planning and, if we are honest, time keeping! Oh, come on, you know what we mean – so planning to promote a gig ninety days ahead will come as a shock to many. Those of us who have worked in venues know that 90 days is a reasonable amount of time to ensure you know how many will turn up or, if numbers are looking low at 45 days, that you need to ramp up the promotion a bit!

Ah but you can of course resort to the other extreme – the 12 hour Facebook post, in capitals and with too many exclamation marks: THIS IS HAPPENING TONITE GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!!! Oh we know these posts, seen many, they roughly translate to: “Oh poo, we’ve only sold ten tickets!”

Seriously, you are the best person to promote your music, your band or your event. You know most about it – you are the expert on your subject. How we can help is by sharing that information which needs to be brief and readily accessible. Start with our free listings service – we list over 1,000 events every month?