Raiders – The Anthology


At last, the music of Ipswich classic-rock band Chaser comes out on CD. The group were formed in 1980 and soon made a name for themselves on the East Anglia circuit with their original songs and powerful stage show. This CD on heavy metal label Skol Records pulls together studio recordings from throughout the eighties. Thewir first single gives the collection its title. It was recorded at Ipswich’s Hillside Studios which are now Gemini Studios. Chaser also ventured into The Enid’s Lodge Studios at Clare and Diploma Studios in Wickford. All 15 tracks are originals and are a timely reminder of how good Chaser were. Grapevine would not be surprised if the band didn’t get back together for some reunion shows in 2017 so watch this space!

Tracks : Raiders/Final Stand/Bad Lover/Crucifix/Chaindriven/Dressed For The Kill/Sudden Break/Salute The Warrior Queen/Octopus/On My Own/For King And For Country/First To Fall/Tragedy/Dressed For The Kill/Backstreet

Musicians : Steve Baker, Adam Shelswell, Kevin Clark, Kevin Rogers, Clive Richardson and Dave Bowden with Phil Eden.