Stunning Songs

It’s frightening to think ten years have passed since I first heard the stunning songs of Ipswich musician Hannah Scott. I remember it well. Hannah was taking part in a Suffolk Songwriters session at what was then The Milestone Beerhouse, a venue that has since reverted back to its original name of The Mulberry Tree. She made such an impression on me that I immediately invited her to guest on my radio show.

I also suggested to my good friend Pat Grueber at Gemini that we get her into his Levington Road studio to record her. Before we knew it we began making an album with Hannah. Entitled “Till Angels Fall”, it contained all original songs with some excellent musical backing from the likes of Jools Holland’s guitarist Mark Flanagan and Suffolk-based drummer George Double. The CD was launched at a sell-out gig at The Council Chamber in Ipswich. I then tried in vain to get some interest from record companies but it wasn’t to be. At that time getting interest in anyone from Suffolk was hard until a certain Ed Sheeran changed all that.

Hannah continues to make great music to this very day and has been in New York recently with her musical partner Stefano Della Casa. They performed at Mondo NYC and since her return she’s learned that she’s been nominated for a Best Unsigned Female award by the folks at Best Of British.

Hannah has also released a live EP she says is helping to raise money for a great cause : “In the run up to the release of Hurricanes and its launch party at The Hospital Club, I was suffering from debilitating pain in my lower spine, neck and hips. A GP diagnosed a slipped disc but the pain continued and I was finally referred to a rheumatologist. Just weeks after this show I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, a form of inflammatory arthritis which affects the joints (the spine in particular), causing chronic pain and sometimes fusion of the joints. I could barely move after the show so it seems fitting that I should donate 50p from every CD sold to NASS (National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society).”

Meanwhile another of my favourite local acts – Back Porch – are also on their travels. At the time of writing the acoustic blues quartet are preparing for a trip to Germany. With guitarist Toni Vines now on board Back Porch are enjoying a new lease of life.

Toni has strong links with two German towns – Gutersloh and Bielefeld – and has managed to get a couple of gigs for Back Porch, one of which is at the excellent Blue Fox pub. It was a while ago now but I sampled the great German hospitality for myself when I accompanied Toni’s own band and the reformed Gypp on a couple of trips to the aforementioned places. Back Porch can expect a warm welcome and a rousing reception.