It was Strictly sizzling on-stage last night at The Ipswich Regent, when Karen Hauer and Gorka Marquez took their professional careers up a further notch, and wowed the audience in their spectacular new show which is touring the UK – Firedance certainly set the stage alight with a fabulous evening of dance, music, rhythms and flames!

The show has a very Spanish and Latin theme – not surprisingly, as Karen is Venezuelan and Gorka hails from Bilbao – and their passion for their dance roots really shone through with a mix of flamenco, salsa, samba, paso, rumba and tango; all served up with a very contemporary twist.

Alongside our dancing stars were three male and three female dancers – all were incredibly talented and two of whom (one man and one lady) were amazing with their flame throwing escapades, while combining dance moves and looking effortless! At one point the beautiful tattooed lady was on pointe in ballet shoes while twirling fans of flames, and the whole stage was ablaze with the hypnotic Latin beats fused with modern classics that the fantastic band and singers kept firing at the audience.

A big mention to the lead male singer and guitarist (who bore quite a resemblance to Olly Murs!) and the female vocalist – both had a fabulous vocal range and they worked non stop, not just singing but also integrating with the dancers themselves so the whole performance appeared seamless. The male singer’s cover of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Like I Love You’ brought out the goosebumps for me, while the female vocalist covered classics by Adele, Lady Gaga and Pink with exceptional ease.

I should also mention the whole band here too, they were outstanding and there wasn’t one second of the show where I wasn’t hand clapping, foot stomping or toe tapping away to the Latin beats.

A couple of stand out moments for me were Karen (in a breathtaking yellow dress) and Gorka dancing a beautiful rumba to the Shawn Mendez classic ‘Senorita’; a feisty and fiery black and red themed tango to Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ and the finalé of a Gloria Estefan mix-up of her classic songs with the whole stage brought alight by this incredible show.

The audience needed no persuasion last night to ‘Get on Your Feet’ – so when Karen and Gorka motioned this to the crowd, we were all up for the last three routines of the night!

The performance really was a flaming fiery carnival atmosphere from start to finish, and the hugely deserved standing ovation clearly touched the hearts of Karen and Gorka onstage as they took their final bows and we cha-cha-cha-ed our way out into the night!