Frankenstein at DanceEast

by | Jan 31, 2024 | Dance

The award-winning Mark Bruce Company make a welcome return to Jerwood DanceHouse in Ipswich on March 22nd and 23rd with their exciting new production of ‘Frankenstein’.  In telling Mary Shelley’s classic story, the company of six dancers will combine thrilling contemporary dance with imaginative story-telling.

Company founder and choreographer Mark Bruce remembers seeing ‘Frankenstein’ on TV:  “In the 1970s there used to be late night, old horror films on TV.  Back then, of course, there were no video options so you literally had to stay up all night to watch them.  Everyone else would go to bed and I’d be in a dark room all by myself getting more and more scared watched the brilliant Christopher Lee or Boris Karloff in the role of the ‘Monster’!”

Mark Bruce creates work that features his trademarks of a unique choreographic language, distinctive imagery and a broad knowledge of music.  Mark Bruce Company productions, which include Dracula, The Odyssey, Macbeth, and Phantoms, are famous for their cinematic quality and outstanding cast of dancers.  Audiences will see a clash of real and imagined worlds in ‘Frankenstein’:


“In my interpretation Victor Frankenstein’s obsessive quest to capture the fire of life causes him to live partly in the real world and partly in another world where he has visitations from entities such as Prometheus,” explains Mark. “The design of the production is set on a plain where what is real and what is not becomes a primary question so the audience is completely drawn in.

“We’re really looking forward to performing at DanceEast who have supported us with a commission for this work.  DanceEast have celebrated the company and its work for so many years. We always feel very at home in Ipswich.“

Cast: Jonathan Goddard as The Monster, Eleanor Duval as Prometheus, Cordelia Braithwaite as Bride of the Monster, Carina Howard as Narcissus, Dominic Rocca as Doctor Frankenstein and Anna Daly as Elizabeth.  The eclectic music score is by Chopin, Penderecki and Arvo Pärt.

Frankenstein’ is double bill with a new short work ‘Liberation Day’
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