What makes the jump to university both poignant and anticipated? That is the core of a brand new play which is being premiered by six would-be Norfolk actors in their home county before transferring to the Edinburgh Fringe.

Freshers will chronicle the transition from home to university life using a mix of hilarious character comedy and poignant human relationships while also following the events of that first week in a new environment.

Expect new relationships to be nurtured, secrets to be revealed and new lives to begin when the production is premiered at Stage Two at Norwich Theatre Royal on August 4.

Each of the six cast-members are current or former students of the Norwich Theatre Royal Youth Company who wanted to gain further experience of the professional industry. One of them, Ali Hunt, said creating Freshers has been a real learning curve. “It has really taught me how to be a good company member which is important when directing and producing your own show as a six-piece company. It has been a lot of fun,” he said.

Fellow cast-member Heather Kelly has written the play, as well as starring in it. She said: “I see my vision for this play come to life more and more at each rehearsal, which is really exciting. None of us have ever been to university but I have really enjoyed the irony of researching and writing about it. It is almost like we are living that university lifestyle in the play.”

Six Toes began with the ambition of performing in fringe theatre as it would be completely new to the six-piece group. As well as performing in it, the piece is completely self-directed and the cast are managing all the technical requirements themselves too.

If all goes well with the Stage Two and Edinburgh runs, they are hoping to perform in more venues locally and nationally.

Sam Todd, who is also a member of Six Toes, said:

Whether you are an avid theatre lover, a university student or just interested in some of the goings-on during the first week of university, Freshers promises plenty of humour, an insight into university life and the chance to explore the flaws in the UK education system.