Endless Summer


Suffolk-based Jill Saward, the lead vocalist from the internationally renowned jazz funk legends Shakatak, seizes the moment and releases her second solo album Endless Summer to coincide with the long sultry nights and sun kissed beach-swept months of the season. The album was conceived & nurtured at Sunset Studio on the island of Sardinia. Jill, along with some of the island’s top musicians, primarily guitarist Roberto Tola, set to work to create an album of ambient and iconic tracks, each song intertwined with anecdotal tales.A host of the top UK musicians contributed along the way. The whole project was fused together with the professional skills of Derek Nash who is not just one of the UK’s top sax players but is also a skilled producer/engineer at Clowns Pocket Studio. From the opening track Rise With The Sun you are transported to a beach of your dreams far away from the real world and then taken on a journey through moods and emotions to the anthemic thought-provoking final track Where Time Goes. Twelve songs, twelve musicians, twelve months lost in an Endless Summer.

Tracks : Rise With The Sun/Dancin’ On The Beach/The Book Of Life/Only Light/Midnight Swim/Have You Met An Angel?/25 Miles/Showtime/You Won’t Sleep Tonight/I’m Alright/M Is For Manhattan/Where Time Goes

Musicians : Jill Saward with Mornington Lockett, Chris Ingham, Steve Allen, Simon Allen, Steve Dee, Patrick Hartly, Aaron Liddard and George Anderson