With much excitement my party of five School mum’s, plus a teenage daughter (who’d never see the film Grease) arrived at The Regent for the touring production. Before we even entered we were greeted by the sights of a few “Pink Ladies” in fancy dress standing around outside chatting (and mighty fine they looked too); it was clear that the audience were in the mood for some pure nostalgia.

A packed auditorium were treated to a terrific show with high energy dancing – some amazing lifts by the males of the females (no idea how they managed to do that!) and some sexy hip thrusting by some of the males!  For me, the male and female leads were rather weak; although they did a fine job I was expecting something a “bit more”.

The on-stage band were clearly there to enjoy themselves and they played brilliantly throughout; as well as playing every note to perfection they were happy to join in with the waving of arms/clapping etc.  As a musician myself, it was great to watch/listen to – and they’re getting paid for doing that!

The scenery was very authentic, with the “Greased Lightning” car very cleverly changing from an “ordinary” car to the spectacular one we all expect.

The audience were very keen to sing along (especially the ladies sitting behind us!), but it all added to the happy atmosphere of the evening.

A real feel-good performance – you missed a treat if you didn’t see it!