Guilty Secret

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Reviews

Venue: Gardeners Arms
Band: Guilty Secret

I first saw Guilty Secret in the winter as I was passing through Ipswich town, I stopped for an extra drink as I wanted to listen to them, but I could only stay for a few tracks – they were so good and when I saw they were on at The Gardeners Arms – I booked it in my diary!

Well, what a tough gig. England beat Sweden to get through to the Semis of the World Cup on this day… and no-one was out out. Probably gone home early due to the celebrations and ran out of steam, but a few stragglers were still at the Sports Bar.

Guilty Secret still came on and played as though it was to a crowd of thousands! Their performance and energy didn’t falter, even though the crowd had. That’s professionalism for you.

Interestingly enough too, the singer was not the singer who I saw in the Shamrock. Waiting with a heavy heart as I was so looking forward to hearing them…I am so pleased to say I was not disappointed in the slightest. The alternative/substitute singer was equally good (borrowed from Talk of The Town), and I loved every track as she belted them out with passion.

The drummer and the bassist are proper old school and have quite likely racked up 10,000 gig hours each, they are solid, funky and still enjoying what they do. Proper slap bassing too – which I love. Guitarist was rocking the tracks too.

They are a funky pop covers band, and with more style and energy than most. I don’t believe they class themselves as a function band and I can see why – that wouldn’t be right – however, if you did book them for a function, they would certainly get the party started. No question.

Range of covers was broad: Stevie Wonder, Valerie, Walking on Sunshine, Happy, Beatles, Stones – real good party tracks. Versatile pop, rock and funk tracks to please any audience. They certainly did this night.

Maybe their toughest gig to date? I feel sorry for all of those who missed out! It was like we had our own private gig and how often can you say that? We were dancing and singing… just what you want on a Saturday night.


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