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Hex Friends & Kick The Stigma

Hex Friends

If you’re a lover of great pop with clever lyrics and catchy guitar riffs, you’ll love new band Hex Friends

Josie Steward has been centre stage for many a year on BBC Music Introducing in Norfolk first sending in tracks with her band We Can’t Dance. That morphed into Cubs, then Claws who performed on the Introducing stage when the BBC Big Weekend stopped off in Norwich in 2015. After a year away travelling the world Josie has freshened things up once again forming a new band called Hex Friends. It’s a bit of a Norwich super-group as this three-piece has ex-Claws drummer Duncan Baker and ex Box of Light guitarist Conor Etteridge alongside Josie.

So far the band has one song out on the open market, Pinky Promise – but three more ready to join it on an EP currently in production. And what you get for your money from Hex Friends is everything you could hope for with their past pedigree. Driving indie pop-punk with words you soon find yourself singing (a bit of a Josie trademark that one.) If you’ve been missing music with a bit of fun, a bit of maturity with lyrics that have more to say than I love you or I miss you, these people could be your new best friends.

There’s a first show coming up too on Friday 1st Feb at the Norwich Arts Centre supporting LUCIA and Current Bond

Kick The Stigma

Throughout last year many local musicians opened up on social media about their struggles with mental health. It also saw the birth of the UK’s first 24 hour helpline aimed at supporting musicians at Music Minds Matter. At the start of this year local musicians from Cambridge and Bury have decided to raise funds and awareness of the issue with a charity inter City vs Town football match.

Kick the Stigma has managers and captains from a series of local bands organised by History and Lore and The Glitter Shop. The event is to take place at Ely City Football Club on the 7th April in aid of the Mental Health Foundation.

We’ve loved watching History and Lore over the years here in Norfolk and wish them well with this venture. For those who want to see their music they have a string of great gigs coming up in the near future in Cambridge, Haverhill and Ipswich.


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