His Lordship Deigns to Play Rock’n’Roll

by | Feb 24, 2023 | Interview

His Lordship are two very hardworking, multi-talented musicians who got bored of being bored, (the hanging about in Green Rooms, the tour buses, waiting to go on stage, the pandemic lockdowns).  To break up this ennui, they returned to the first sounds that caught them, made them happy, made them excited enough as youngsters to dance and jump around; sounds that pulled them into the world of music.

His Lordship play music that is exciting, “Something with a bit of life in it!”  emphasises James Walbourne.

“We both grew up on recordings of Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis.” Kristoffer Sonne begins. “When we started (His Lordship) it was, like, this is too easy.”

On teaming up they started playing rock’n’roll tunes familiar to both and immediately discovered the joy of playing in their own band.  Now, less than two years since His Lordship’s inception, Norwich Arts Centre awaits their explosive arrival on 14th April, 2023.

Before anytime at all James and Kris began writing their own contemporary rock’n’roll tunes and have forged a strong creative bond.

“It’s the attitude.  Like first listening to Elvis on ‘Mystery Train’, or first hearing Robert Johnson’s ‘Crossroads’. It’s the most honest I can be as a musician.” James expands.

“It is the spirit of it!” He re-emphasises.  Undoubtedly, he has the evangelical fire of rock’n’roll in his soul.  James’ energetic assertion ensures I include the exclamation mark.

His Lordship

There is no escaping the fact His Lordship are having a lot of fun writing, playing and touring and that fun is infectious.  These guys produce too much power to be kicking around as a support act.

Initially promoters took a punt on the band due to the responses they were getting from a medley of social media clips, although now His Lordship are on their second tour, headlining and generating rave responses as they go.

“It’s not about getting into a car and buggering off.  We are connecting with people.” smiles James.

Joined by bassist Dave Page to deliver their live set, His Lordship are playing songs and tunes they have written during the past eighteen months, or so.  They record and perform using the latest and best technology available.  You’ll not hear retro-sounds, no vintage pieces, but new songs, hard-baked in rock’n’roll attitude.

His Lordship go to work on stage very smartly attired in black suits.

“The suit thing came from playing in The Pogues.” James chips in again.  “To be truthful, it’s got nothing to do with the 50s, or American stuff.  We thought about how we go on stage every night, look good and don’t worry about it.”

I ask, how they fit what they write into the format of His Lordship’s sound.

“In other bands we’ve played so many styles of music.  We just don’t want to be bored.  If we get bored, we’ll just play something else.”  Kristoffer explains.  The format of His Lordship is essentially two musicians who have connected and are finding creative energy in their connection.

“We haven’t put a limit on it. Why would you?” James asks rhetorically.  “Rock’n’roll is where we are now.  We could do a techno album if we wanted.  It’s just me and Kris.  It’s come out as this now.  We could be anything.  If we get off on it, we’ll do it.”

Having said that, when asked to sum up His Lordship’s live show, James concludes,

“It’s a rock’n’roll band.  A high energy, contemporary rock’n’roll band.”

Look up the EP ‘All Cranked Up’ to hear His Lordship’s latest original tunes, or their set of covers on the EP ‘His Lordship Play Rock’n’Roll, Vol 1’. Buy tickets for His Lordship’s rock’n’roll show while you can.  See you on 14th April at The Norwich Arts Centre.  It will be a blast!

His Lordship
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