Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds
Until 25th February

An ailing Sigmund Freud is visited upon by a protesting woman, a flamboyant Salvador Dali and Freud’s physician who unwittingly gets caught up in the farce.

The early hours of one morning find Freud awakening to a stranger at his French windows who seemingly is looking for his expert analysis.  Freud refuses her request so she removes her clothes in protest and hides in his closet, unbeknown to him.  His ensuing preposterous excuses for her presence lead his physician to question whether he has taken leave of his senses.  Freud’s desperate attempt to re-clothe the woman put him in a tight spot which is quite hilarious.

Dali’s Spanish accent is not authentic and he is quite a ridiculous character, even being described as “Dali doolally” and “that Spanish idiot” at one point.

The woman’s true reason for visiting is made clear in the Second Act by way of a serious undercurrent which tempers the absurdity of the farce.

At the end, we are left to wonder whether the entire events were either a dream or a hallucination brought on by administered medication.

The play is farcical in parts and well-acted with excellent timing throughout. 

It is an entertaining theatrical piece which casts doubts on Freud’s theories.

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