Influx of Insanity

by | May 20, 2020 | Interview

Cambridge-based, maths-loving teenage duo Influx of Insanity live up the road from each other which makes practicing very easy to co-ordinate. On seeing them live, my review said:

…these two were creating some amazing sounds on stage and for just two of them I was surprised yet excited to see how the set would progress. An energetic sound that transfers well from live to studio and very listenable EPs.

Hayley Clapperton

HC: Let’s begin with you telling us how you got together and decided to start a duo:

IoS: At Oli’s 13th birthday party. Got jamming and started working on some material shortly afterwards. However our sound has changed alot since then!

HC: Who does what?

  • Oli Brown: Drums, vocals (17)
  • Dom Howard: Guitar, backing vocals, octave bass, ambient textures (16.5)

HC: Anyone in your family musical?

IoS: Oli’s dad is a staple of the local (village!) music scene, he plays in a local cover band. Grateful for his shed which we use to practice in.

HC: Tell me how would you describe your style?

IoS: Cinematic, progressive ambient post rock/metal, defying genres. Or just prog metal.

HC: How many tracks have you released?

IoS: Two EPs and more recently a single called Tensor, so fourteen tracks in total.

HC: Do you have a non-musical skill?

Ios: Meditation, making coffee, money laundering, interview writing, maths

HC: Pre-Virus, how often did you get to perform and where is the furthest place you’ve gigged?

IoS: We’ve probably done around sixty gigs in total over our time, the farthest afield end probably being Bishop’s Stortford.

HC: Which song do you most like to perform, and why?

IoS: Season of Mist’ is a favourite of ours at the moment, off our latest self-titled EP, and is probably our most popular number overall.

HC: Do you play other instruments?

Dom: I’ve recently acquired a trumpet so I’ve been working on that, I also play some bass and drums – I’ve recorded bass on all of our releases

Oli: I play a little guitar and piano.

HC: What types of music do you enjoy listening to when you are hanging out?

IoS: Complex music to scare people away…

HC: When you become famous, what will your rider be?

IoS: Some fresh orange juice, and a copy of the local newspaper and possibly some nice bread.

HC: Anything unusual happened at a gig?

IoS: Oli’s nan got knocked to the floor once. Was quite an experience.

HC: What artist or group would you like to support? 

IoS: We’d love to support Toska one day, they are a big inspiration to our sound.

HC: What was the last book you read?

Oli: The Spirit Level by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett

HC: What’s your biggest vice?

IoS: Gordon Ramsey cooking videos at 1am

HC: What do you enjoy most about being in a band and what do you hate most?

IoS: We enjoy that classic pre-gig feeling, but don’t get me started on technical difficulties…

HC: What have you been doing during lockdown?

IoS: Elon Musk’s twitter feed has been a constant source of entertainment.

HC: How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

IoS: We embrace them, it’s all part of the show. If people want perfection they can listen to our spotify:

HC: How do you balance your music with other obligations – mates, working, family, college?

IoS: It’s a tricky one. But you can make time for anything if you want to do it enough.

HC: What’s the least cool thing you’ve done recently?

Dom: Bought a diffuser

Oli: Chose to study maths

HC: What’s your favourite word?

Oli: Fundamentally

Dom: Tensor (our latest single on all streaming platforms now!)

HC: What can we promote about you during lockdown? What are your social media links?

New music out soon! In the meantime we have a self-titled EP we released last year which we still really dig, called ‘Influx of Insanity’. It’s available on spotify, bandcamp, youtube, and all the usual places.

We’d really appreciate if you picked up a CD or tee shirt! We should be shipping some out in the near future, you can get them from bandcamp or private message us on any of our social media. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube (which has some spoof videos too worth checking out).


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