Jack Whitehall

What is usually a dull Wednesday evening in January, turned into one full of fun and laughs, as I saw Jack Whitehall on his “At Large” tour at The Ipswich Regent

Not only is it my first time seeing Jack Whitehall, but it was also my first taste of a live comedy show. Therefore it was exciting for me, with the fact of not really knowing what to expect. 

Sure, we see plenty of comedians on our TV screens – but as our agenda states, we’re all about the live entertainment here at Grapevine. 

I have personally never put in the effort with a comedy show as I have never been sure whether it was for me, however I’ve always been a fan of Jack Whitehall and this was his first visit to the town so I was prepared to get myself into something new – and it was proven to me that comedians make a great night out, because even on a Wednesday night in Ipswich, the place was packed out. 

I still can’t quite understand how comedy works in any bigger of a venue, as I fear the intimacy gets lost if you were stuck at the back in a venue like the O2. However, I appreciate that the famous names of comedy have to do it in order to satisfy their fans  and in order to perhaps make it a 15 date tour, rather than a 30+ date one by doing small theatres. 

But back to the show, kicking off the show was support act Tom Lucy, who at only 19 shows great promise of a star in the making. He did his best with an initially tough crowd, and slowly but surely won the audience over. 

Following a fun introductory VT sketch of Mr Whitehall and his famous friends, featuring David Walliams, Freddie Flintoff and the kids of Bad Education; the show begins and we’re treated to a total of 1 hour and 45 minutes of the man.

He springs onto stage with seemingly boundless energy, and I’ve heard that crowds for comedy in East Anglia are slow to draw in but once you’re in, they’re hooked, which seemed to be the case here too. However, by the end of the night much of the audience were crying laughing – myself included!

He had jokes on a range of topics from weddings and stag dos, to the horrors of flying, to his experience of being a voice of a troll in Disney’s Frozen, but predominately a lot of his comedy is about himself and his poshness and he even squeezed in a few local gags too. Only to end the night dressed as a troll, and leaving you with his somewhat terrifying passport photo… 

Overall, it was a really enjoyable night out, with plenty of laughs. If you like what you’ve seen of Jack before via your TV screen, it only gets better if you see him on stage. Catch him if you can – it’s worth it! 

He returns to the Ipswich Regent again tonight, but it’s sold out! If you weren’t lucky enough to nab tickets, you could call the box office in the hope of returns. Otherwise, for more information or to look at the rest of the dates on his tour see