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Another big name for Newmarket Nights – an afternoon of racing with live music in the evening and tonight being UK sensation Jess Glynne.

Her band were all dressed in white and Jess came on stage in a stunning orange print skin tight jump suit with thigh high white boots – she certainly looked the part.

Jess Glynne | Image © Angela Smith

Jess Glynne | Image © Angela Smith

A small band: bass, drums, keys and 2 backing singers made a big sound that boomed over the enclosure and allowed Jess’s distinctive voice to be heard around the venue.

Jess interacted with the crowd and often got us all to sing lines and choruses while she held out the microphone into the crowd. Although in reality everyone was singing from the very first song ‘Don’t be so Hard on Yourself’. Arms were pumping the air while bodies were jumping to the beats.

Jess sang all the hits from her two best-selling albums and the crowd absorbed every note. There was a mix of the fast pop tracks such as ‘Rather Be’, ‘My Love’, ‘All I Am’, ‘These Days’, ‘Right Here’, and her heartfelt slow tracks such as ‘Thursday’, ‘I’ll Be There’, ‘Take Me Home’ and I don’t think there was a song where the crowd were not signing with her. As soon as the first note of the songs were blearing out of the speakers the crowd were cheering as they knew what was next.

As dusk was rolling in she sang ‘Hold My Hand’ and the stage lights were having their full effect.

Jess moved around the stage to engage with the crowd and waved out of each corner, which they enjoyed. The two backing singers were superb and their harmonies were a delight.

The drummer was totally amazing and his sound was exquisite.

A incredibly fun and pleasurable night was had – you could tell by all the smiling faces. Another successful gig at the Newmarket Races.

Jess Glynne | Image © Angela Smith

Jess Glynne | Image © Angela Smith





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